How The Gator Watch Works

Key Features


2 Way Phone Calls Gator Watch Techsixtyfour

2 Way Voice Calls

Two-way phone calls between your child and up to 13 numbers of family and friends. The Gator does not need to be paired with a smartphone. It is a stand alone mobile phone.

Gator Watch Children In Safe Zone


GPS tracking outdoors and WIFI indoors (minimum of 3 WIFI hotspots required). You can also track the route taken in the last 24 hours.

Gator GPS Watch with Emergency Phone | GPS Tracker for Kids

Multiple Network Coverage

FREE roaming in most of the EU and works in most countries in the world. The Gator watch connects in the UK to Vodafone, O2 and EE, making it much more reliable.

SOS alert button_big


SOS alert button on the Gator watch will automatically call up to three emergency contacts when pressed.


Weighs the same as a Kit Kat

Weighing only 40 grams and with a rechargable battery that lasts up to FOUR DAYS on standby

Techsixtyfour Gator Watch GPS Tracker Smart Watch


If your child strays beyond the geographic boundaries you have defined, you will be alerted on the Gator app



Rugged casing to cope with all your kids’ adventures. Your child can wear the Gator watch in the rain or on a beach.