Kids GPS Watch with built-in Tracker & Phone

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Easy to Use | End to End Encrypted | Dedicated Customer Support

Designed for 5 to 12 years old kids who are too young for smartphones but old enough to want some independence.

For a more active lifestyle for kids with reduced screen time. No distractions of camera, internet, social media and games.

Helps kids gain independence and have fun, while giving you peace of mind.

We are a British brand built by a team of Parents, for Kids.

Because we are a Small Business, with us, you are never just another customer.

My Gator Watch

As a team of mums we believe an active childhood is the best gift of all.

My Gator Watch Features

Two-way phone calls

From and to up to 13 trusted phone numbers which you define.

GPS and Wi-Fi tracking

Parental app for iPhone and Android to track & manage the watch.

Multi-network Pre-installed SIM

Connects with strongest network - greater reliability

Free Parental App

iOS and Android App.

Flexible Service Plans

Choose from Monthly and Annual options. Cancel anytime or transfer contract to someone else.


End-to-end Encrypted.

No Camera, Social Media or Games

For an Active childhood.

Long Battery Life

4 days standby Battery.

Lightweight & Splash proof

40 grams. Rain and beach proof rugged casing.

£99.00 Inc VAT

Available in Blue, Black and Pink. One year Warranty.

My Gator Watch

Brilliant customer service. Product is true to description and accurate. 

Rhonda S., reviewed on Amazon UK

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