Kids GPS Watch with built-in Tracker & Phone

Highest Rated on Amazon UK

Easy to Use | End to end encrypted | Designed for 5 to 12 years old kids

All in one Tracker, Watch and Phone

GPS and Wi-Fi tracking

Great battery life

Greater network reliability

Service Plans that suit your needs

5 Star Customer Support

£99 incl VAT

Available in Blue, Black and Pink. One year Warranty.


Two-way phone calls

From and to up to 13 trusted phone numbers which you define.

GPS and Wi-Fi tracking

Parental app for iPhone and Android to track & manage the watch.

Pre-installed SIM

Multi-network. Connects with strongest network, giving greater reliability

Free Parental App

iOS and Android App.

Flexible Service Plans

Monthly & Annual options. Cancel anytime or transfer contract to someone else.


End-to-end Encrypted.

No Camera, Social Media, Games

For an Active childhood, without distractions!

Long Battery Life

4 days standby Battery.

Lightweight & Splash proof

40 grams. Rain and beach proof rugged casing.

Why choose My Gator Watch

A GPS and Wi-Fi Tracking smart watch for kids so they can play offline!

Happy Customers

Consistent positive feedback and reviews from hundreds of parents and kids, since 2015.


Superior product and service, more secure compared to lower priced products that seem similar.

The Team

We are a local British brand built by a team of parents. We understand! To us, you are never just another customer.

Customer Support

We have a dedicated, in-house customer service team that delivers 5 star service that our customers love!

Customer Reviews

Some of the reviews over the years from parents on how My Gator Watch has made a difference in their lives.

Great watch, easy to set up & use. Love being able to set the watch to go to airplane mode during school hours. My 9yr old loves it.

by James A.

The quality of the watch is awesome. The after care service is great. They are professional and very efficient.

by Kathy, on Amazon UK

Fantastic product - lovely company to deal with. My nephew loves it!!

by Garett

We found this a great first step in phone usage for our child. It got him used to using a phone and being responsible and allowed us to keep a track in an emergency.

by Lawrence E on Amazon UK
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