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How a GPS Watch is better than a Smartphone for kids?

We know that the discussion over smartphones may be coming up more than you would like, especially during the lead up to Christmas.
If your child is ready to take their first step towards independence then you may be looking at alternative options and this is where GPS watches will start to appear in your searches. Staying connected doesn’t have to mean giving your kids a smartphone. But how does a GPS watch differ?

Fun ways to reduce screen-time this winter.

Frosty mornings and crisp school runs make it tempting to cosy up and hibernate. Of course, there are lots of benefits to this, including quality family time and getting things done around the house. Still, at this time of year, we also see a significant increase in screen time. It’s easy to give in to the kids demands and let them spend more time on their screens and less time being active or playing outside. How do we combat this?

Why Gator Watch? Because our Customers say so!

What makes our brand unique? How do we show our customers that with us, they are never just another customer?
Customer service and a great quality product are at the top of our priority list. It is for this reason that it’s no surprise we are the best-reviewed GPS watch on the market. This week we're showcasing some of the feedback we have had from our fabulous customers.

Meet our team of flexible working mums

Introducing some of the amazing mums who juggle their family life around their roles here at My Gator Watch. Almost all of our team work flexibly from home, and this is because our founder Colleen Wong advocates for flexible work. She believes that family comes first! It feels is great to be part of such a unique and successful team. We hope these stories inspire you too.

Ten things you should never buy cheaply

We know that counting the pennies can go a long way to saving the pounds. We’re parents too after all! Kids need LOTS of things and often this results in our bank balances being a little bit HAMMERED. But despite the expense, there are some items that you should never scrimp on. Where quality is far more important than price. Here are 10 things we feel you should NEVER buy cheaply.

To us, you are never just another customer

If your kids have one of our watches, or if you are considering a watch, then you will probably know our name. We sell GPS watches to kids and over 65’s. You may know the benefits of having one of our watches and you may be familiar with some of our team. We like to think of ourselves as one of a kind and we want to share with you some of the things that make our brand so unique.